Assam College Librarians' Association (ACLA)

The Assam College Librarians' Association (ACLA) is a state level premier association of librarians established in 1973. It represents those who work in or advocate for college libraries of Assam. ACLA is committed to the cause of college library movement and development in Assam and working whole heatedly for the academic and social status of the college librarians and also for the development of the library profession. ACLA has provided a wide variety of services and programs to its members and others in the library community.

The aims and objectives of the Association shall be

a) To strive for and contribute towards the all round development of the Library Services for the spread of education within the state of Assam;

b) To adopt such means as may be necessary for the development of healthy academic, social and cultural life in the state of Assam;

c) To promote national integration;

d) To safeguard the interest of the members of the Association and improve the service condition and status;

e) To render necessary help to the distressed members of the Association and their families;

f) To promote study and formulate principles for the expansion of education through library service in the state by holding seminars, publishing bulletins and journals for the purpose;

g) To enhance ideas and information among the readers with the book world;

h) To take such steps as may be necessary for the furtherance of the objectives of the Association;

i) To maintain and keep the Association way from the political involvement.

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Message from President

Assam College Librariansí Association (ACLA) is actively engaged for the collective interest of the librarians in particular and of the entire educational scenario of the State of Assam in general. Ever since its inception ACLA has been doing its utmost for the all round development of the Library professionals in terms of quality services to the readers. Above all, ACLA has been adopting a holistic approach towards improving the reading habit in the students. We look forward to fulfilling all the sincere endeavours of ACLA towards creating a citizenry endowed with knowledge and wisdom from a great library and a good reading habit. Let us work unitedly towards this goal.
Srimonta Madhab Bora

Message from General Secretary

Dear Readers, Greetings from ACLA. ACLA is committed to the College Librarians of Assam but at the same time also recognize the need and expectation of the user community. A library is a place where effective, meaningful and joyful learning take place and we are committed to improve this environment.
Dr. Prasanta Kumar Deka
General Secretary

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